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Archery Elk Hunt

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Live Water Properties Broker, Robb Nelson recently took his 18-year-old son, Brady Nelson, archery elk hunting in Colorado.

On the second day of the hunt, they were able to get near a small heard of elk in the quaking aspen trees. After a few cow calls, the herd bull made his way towards the pair, and stopped in a clearing at 62 yards. At this distance, it was a challenging shot to say the least, however Brady remained confident. The shot was great, and the elk only went about 100 yards. This was Brady’s first bull elk taken with a bow. Needless to say the two were extremely excited and Dad was very PROUD!

Brady’s hard work and dedication truly paid off with daily target practice for months shooting his Mathews, Inc. bow. Mathews bows are custom-made for each individual based on a proven history of innovation and technology. Live Water congratulates Brady on this trophy Colorado archery hunt.


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