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NRA Women’s Leadership Forum

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“Women are an ever-growing critical force of influence in our nation today.

We’re wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. We’re business owners, stay-at-home moms, retirees, volunteers, college students. We’re hunters, clay shooters, competitors, personal protection experts. And some of us don’t own a gun at all. Yet what we share is a desire to protect our freedom and preserve it for future generations. With so much at stake in our country, there is no more vital time than now to stand up and take an active role in preserving our cherished freedoms.”

This is the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) Luncheon at the 2015 NRA Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Live Water Broker, Jane Brown Keller is one of the founders of the WLF and helped raise over $2.1 million in less than an hour at this year’s luncheon to promote our 2nd amendment rights. These women care deeply about the future and want to make a lasting difference. For more information on the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum, the only philanthropic society of its kind and the fastest-growing community in the NRA, visit their website.

Many of the ladies pictured below are Safari Club International (SCI) Diana Award winners as well! Named for the huntress of Roman mythology, the prestigious Diana Award annually honors a distinguished female hunter who has excelled in international big game hunting and demonstrated an exemplary dedication to wildlife conservation and education. First granted in 1995, this award is the showcase for the world’s top women hunters and one of the most revered marks of distinction within the hunting community.

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