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Martín Pescador Lodge

Puerto Cardenas, X Región

286 Acres$5,500,000


  • 3 luxurious lodges located on 286 acres
  • World-class fly fishing
  • 12 rivers, 8 lakes and numerous streams

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Property Details

The Martín Pescador Lodge’s incredibly diverse program offers a one-of-a-kind outing for the fly fishing aficionado. Anglers from around the world regard the 286-acre Martin Pescador Lodge as Patagonia’s premier fly fishing experience. The casting lineup provides guests with an opportunity to test the waters at 3 different lodges. All three lodges have direct access to 12 world-class rivers, 8 lakes and numerous streams. Martin Pescador lodges have established an outstanding reputation by providing diverse angling opportunities, wonderful food and luxurious accommodations. Few lodges worldwide can compete with the caliber of fishing, environmental diversity and beauty offered by the Martín Pescador operation.

Selective placement of Martín Pescador’s lodges, Puerto Cárdenas, La Junta and Lago Verde, allow flexible and convenient access to the Yelcho, Futaleufú, Palena, Rosselot, Figueroa, Pico and other, smaller rivers. Fishermen can catch rainbow, brown and sea-run brown trout, with an occasional silver or Atlantic salmon, or brook trout. Guests will change rods often (wading or drifting), cast big dry flies or streamers to the banks, and sight fish for rainbows with small dry flies. Fishing on Lago Yelcho includes casting large dragonfly imitations into the reeds, producing incredible takes amid spectacular scenery. There are jet boats, lake boats, rowboats and rafts to convey guests comfortably and safely to the most remote rivers, lakes and lagoons.

Patagonia is a region of South America shared between Chile in the west and Argentina in the east. Chilean Patagonia is a labyrinth of fjords, inlets, twisting peninsulas and islands. It contains the world’s second largest temperate rain forest blanketing the nearly impassable wall of the Andes. Fed by an extensive network of mountain lakes and rivers this area provides some of the world’s best fly fishing. Dense hardwood forests of beech, bamboo, and fern are home to abundant bird life and various game including deer. Glaciers and waterfalls provide a wonderful backdrop for fly fishers. The offering price is $5,500,000. More listing details coming soon!


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