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Featured Agent Andrew Coulter

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Featured Agent Andrew Coulter

Andrew Coulter

For 18 years, Andrew worked with the Wyoming Chapter of The Nature Conservancy heading up development and finance. In one four-year period, Andrew’s team carried out a comprehensive conservation campaign that generated $106 Million in gifts of cash, land, and conservation easements that protected thousands of acres of conservation land in Wyoming. Through this work, Andrew also developed a strong layman’s knowledge of land stewardship and habitat management practices. Andrew and Amy and their two children are based in Lander, Wyoming, and enjoy fishing, camping, horseback riding, upland bird hunting, cycling, and alpine and Nordic skiing.

Our Live Water Properties agents are licensed to broker many types properties, but the brokering of conservation lands—properties having distinct wildlife, fisheries, scenic, recreational, and open-space values—is our specialty and our passion. Whether we represent a buyer or seller of conservation property, effecting good transactions for people who share these values is what we live and breathe every day.

Of course, the greatest satisfaction may come from knowing that the conservation values of the property will be conserved and guarded for future generations—known or unknown. In my 18 years in the land trust community in Wyoming, my teams completed over 75 conservation easements conserving more than 300,000 acres of private land, and in many of these cases the primary motivation was to protect an important natural legacy for future generations. Although I am not a professional advisor and cannot offer specific tax advice, I would be happy to field questions about conservation easements from our clients and other interested landowners, and, where possible, connect them with organizations that are qualified to accept conservation easements.

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