Timberland for Sale

Timberland for Sale

Timber has a long history in the South dating back to when Longleaf Pine covered all of the southern and gulf states in the most ecologically diverse and expansive forest ecosystem in North America.  It is estimated that this forest covered 90 million acres at the time of settlement by the Europeans from Virginia to Texas.

Today, only 3% of that original forest remains.  Most of that exists in the famed Red Hills region of North Florida and South Georgia and is maintained by a group of landowners and cooperating individuals and organizations who cherish it and the bobwhite quail that live there.  While tremendous efforts have been made to re-establish the longleaf in the South, slash and loblolly pine make up the majority of forests today and serve as the main species in the commercial timber markets of the south. Today’s private forest landowner has placed emphasis on best management practices and integrating wildlife management into forestry practices. Through education provided by Tall Timbers, Forest Landowners Association, Quail Forever and the Longleaf Alliance the practices of prescribed burning and managing revenue-producing timber stands while integrating productive wildlife enhancement projects has been steadily increasing among private landowners.

At Live Water Properties, our Brokers work with landowners to preserve and enhance this valuable ecosystem and maximize its value to the landowner.  We provide expertise in brokerage transactions and comprehensive habitat management encompassing wildlife and silvicultural disciplines for the maximum benefit of the land and landowner.   Sustainable forests can provide a significant return to the landowner over time while producing quality wildlife habitat and years of family enjoyment and memories. This strategy produces the highest value to the landowner as a legacy asset to be passed down or at time of sale.  Live Water Properties is positioned to provide expertise in every aspect of the process, call one of our Brokers today and tell us what your goals are.

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