Plantation Properties for Sale

Plantation Properties for Sale

The Plantations of north Florida, south Georgia and the coastal lowcountry of South Carolina are special because they provide a link to the past, a modern history of an ecosystem and beauty that has been passed down for many generations.  Live Water Brokers work with the landowners and conservation organizations to promote good stewardship of this incredible resource and help landowners find new stewards of this resource when it comes time to sell. Conservation Easements are a great resource for good stewardship, and Live Water Properties has significant experience in selling properties with easements as well as helping our clients successfully place easements on their property and achieve the maximum value from that process, both short and long term.   The history of the Plantations is vital to our sporting heritage and Live Water Properties is working to preserve and enhance that legacy and introduce it to new participants by offering field days, ladies of the plantation-community events, support of conservation organizations and the highest quality marketing and client representation available today. We are plantation owners, brokers, advisors and consultants and hold ourselves to the highest standard in each capacity.

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