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Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School… Who says you can’t trick a gorgeous rainbow?

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Sure the Green River is a little off-color; the water’s pretty high. But the fishing is not bad, if you don’t mind being creative. We had a warm day, and the sky was clear. Beckett (10) and Spencer (guide) worked together on stirring up a trouble by the pink/beige rocky outcropping on the second half of the float. The water swirled—creating a crescendo of water, and the visual perfection of a large, healthy trout, (enormous shoulders on it) fighting with everything it’s got, and Beckett’s hook became so stressed it bent at the weight. Gone was the fly-mouth connection, but forever the memory of the mighty-Green-rainbow. Thank you Spencer at Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School (JHFFS) for excellent guiding…

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School

“Early rainbow, before the hook-up with the mighty rainbow…”

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School

To book your trip, contact Spencer Morton at jhflyfishingschool(at)gmail(dotted)com

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