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South Eastern Wildlife Exposition – SEWE

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In the United States of America there are plenty of wildlife art events that can be found in every corner of the country. A group of Charleston, South Carolina businesspeople had been to these shows and decided it could be a great resource for their city. In 1982, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition was born. The first exposition took place the following winter in 1983. In the past 37 years, SEWE “Sea We” has developed into the most sought-after exposition of its kind.

The Southeastern U.S. is the location for the exposition; however, paintings and photos of wildlife, sport and landscapes are gathered from around the world. SEWE also offers the chance to mingle with the artists who are selling their work. It allows for the attendee to understand the inspiration behind the piece of art.

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 1
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 2

From the beginning, SEWE has been an event to promote advocacy through art for wildlife and to give back to the great Charleston area. Since its inception, it has done exactly this. “Today, an average of 40,000 attendees come to see more than 500 artists, exhibitors and wildlife experts from around the world,” said John Powell, Executive Director of SEWE.

Day tickets are $25, which is an important aspect of SEWE because every person is vital for a fruitful and successful event. The inexpensive tickets make the event accessible creating business for the greater area of Charleston. In 2019, hotels about a half-hour outside of Charleston were being booked for the February 2020 event.

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 3
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 4
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 5

“Direct state and local taxes are the simple answer for how SEWE gives back to Charleston. There are also plenty of economic growth that is tough to measure through hotels, restaurants and retail,” said Powell.

Over the three days of SEWE there are many exciting events to attend. Arguably one of the most popular would be “Dock Dogs.” This light-hearted activity will have six different categories each day, one event exhibiting how far a dog can jump.

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 6
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 7
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 8

The thrill of fishing for Redfish is truly a family affair and with the idea of sustainability in mind, cooking these fish can be a great lesson for all. On Friday February 14th at 11AM, South Carolina Department of Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Waters and Captain Jamie Hough of Redfish Mafia Charters and season 10 of Master Chef will hold an event on how to properly prepare Redfish for a date, friend or family. This takes the fishing experience the extra mile to harvesting the animal to the table.

For those seeking education opportunities, birds of prey flight demos presented by BP America will provide plenty of information regarding our friends in the sky. On Saturday February 15th at 10:30AM, “One of the most educational and entertaining shows during SEWE, see amazing flight demos up-close by a variety of raptors including falcons, eagles, owls and hawks and learn about the important role they play in our eco-system.” * See below.

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 9
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 10

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 11

John Powell offers advice for first timers, “Attend Friday as it is the easy day to get around. Go explore the events which you have the most interest in, as attendees will likely spend more time than anticipated at topics of interest.”

The Low Country Social stands out as Powell’s favorite event as it is laid-back, food and beverage with friends under a starlit sky. This event will begin at 7:30PM on Saturday February 15th at Brittlebank Park.

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 12
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 13

The newest addition, A Big Night for Small Works, to the SEWE events will take place on Wednesday February 12th, at 6:00pm. The event promises to provide unexpected experiences, “this party will showcase a unique viewpoint for enjoying wildlife art and the finer things in life.” * See below.

John has been with SEWE for over 10 years, and he truly enjoys seeing the exposition come to fruition each and every year. If he could change one thing, he would enjoy attending SEWE as an actual attendee. From time to time, he would appreciate the aspect of not having to worry about everything running smoothly.

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 14
South Eastern Wildlife Exposition 15

Live Water Properties’ headquarters is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; we are thrilled to see Wyoming artists attending 2020 SEWE. Keep an eye out for the following Wyoming artists – Jim Bortz of Cody, Mark McKenna of Powell, Sandy Scott of Lander and Kathryn Turner of Jackson Hole. Turner has high enthusiasm as SEWE 2020 approaches, “it is an honor to participate in it each year because of the notoriety it has earned as a top art event in the country. SEWE is a wonderful opportunity to share artwork inspired by the wide-open spaces of Wyoming’s high country with Charlestonians, who welcome us with unmatched Southern hospitality.”

Our entire Southern Team of Brokers will be in attendance; be sure to bring questions about land offerings in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina to Toby Anastasio, Hunter Brant, Jane Brown, Catherine Cobb or Sarah Sanford.


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