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Hyatt has the entrepreneurial mindset; always looking at how he can benefit those around him by leveraging things he knows or introducing like-minded people. Hyatt grew up on a farm in Central Montana before heading to college, followed by building a couple startups and taking other opportunities as they came, from roles in Big Tech to Angel investment. This pursuit landed him as a VP of one of the longest running and successful outdoor television shows. Following a great couple of years producing TV and many awards along the way, Hyatt took a job in big tech to gain a better understanding of the tech ecosystem and strategic partnerships. Hyatt now spends most of his time making and fostering farmer/rancher relationships in an effort to keep his finger on the pulse for his clients.


  • Mechanical Engineering – Montana Tech
  • Business & Entrepreneurship – Montana State


Several granted patents in tech and the outdoor industries. Research & design of several sporting products found in big box stores, production of several Outdoor Sportsman awards – “Fan Favorite Series” and “Fan Favorite Host”. He also co-founded Bird Dog Of The Day which you can find on Instagram and the web.


A local Montanan who regularly drives 50,000+ miles a year in pursuit of meeting new ranchers, learning new areas, scouting, fishing, hunting, or simply helping farmers and ranchers when help is needed. Having lived in 13 states and traveling extensively for years, Hyatt now opts to travel more throughout Montana – his favorite place with his fiancé Kelly. You can find him glassing animals, talking to landowners, drifting flies, chasing English pointers afield, or in the mountains with a bow in hand. Hyatt is located in the heart of Central Montana but won’t bat an eye at helping someone 12 hours away. If you are looking for the best fly-fishing stream no one talks about, the best mallard holes in the state, the most underrated upland area, where to find a 400” bull, or the area with the most picturesque views – Hyatt can help.

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