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The 2018 Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited Clean Up

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In Jackson Hole, the spring rain that fell on Saturday May 12th made it feel more like a wet day in November. None-the-less, Beckett, who is twelve and not a rookie at this, ventured out in layers, with me to do the Spring Clean Up. We met Jackson Hole Trout Unlimited board members Jay Buchner and Mark Heineken at Flat Creek in Karns Meadow. We used grabbers from Ace to pick up trash and debris, uncovered from the snow melt. Despite the dampness and dripping willow branches, we laughed as we picked up an old dirty sweatshirt, paper cups, candy wrappers, and even a beat-up walkie talkie. There was no shortage of wayward beer bottles and cans. ‘Til next time, the fish that swim among us in our gorgeous Town of Jackson, can do so in pristine water, free of rubbish. Swim on, dear trout.

By Macye Lavinder Maher, Owner Live Water Properties and TU Member

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