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The 2023 Mountain West Fly Fishing Report

Following an exceptional snowpack during the previous winter and one of the rainiest springs in recent history, July arrives in the West with flourishing water flows and promising weather forecasts fi...

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2022 Ranch Market Report

There was much discussion and hype about the real estate market and economy in general in 2022. Despite a market that showed signs of changing conditions, 2022 was still a strong and successful year in ranch sales. At Live Water Properties, we ...

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2021 Mountain West Hatch Report

Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale in the Rocky Mountain West
2021 has been such a curious year, not only for business, daily life, and travel, but also fishing! The West did not see the snowpack this year as it has in the past. Coupled with the ext...

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2020 Mountain West Hatch Report

Summer has arrived out West, and with that, it is time to escape to the river and for Live Water’s Mountain West Hatch Report. As murky waters of runoff clear and turn to hues of crystalline blue, we find ourselves eagerly anticipating the st...

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Private Fishery Water Rights in Colorado

At Live Water Properties, one of the topics that most frequently comes up in our discussions with Ranch Sellers and potential Buyers is water rights. The subject of water right laws in western states is broad and nuanced from state to state. As...

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