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Last Saturday I was fishing with my two pals Nico and Max. Nico has a hilarious sense of humor. Max is a funny, little rascal who always is there to help, mess around, or be fun. Spencer was our kind and helpful fishing guide.

We had an exciting day on the Green River. Our weather conditions were warm and sunny. The water that day was very clear. Not many of the spots on the Green were murky. There was a big hatch on the water, but no fish were coming up to eat so we fished nymphs.
We caught 3 rainbow trout in the morning, each of us caught one. Halfway through the day Max caught an 18-inch rainbow trout. Going into the end of the day we were right next to the take-out spot. I was on the front of the boat with the rod. I was casting into the foam where the fish normally are. I was stripping in slowly, when…the spectacular brown trout jumped out of the water and ate the fly! I set the hook. I knew I had that brown trout. It was more than 20 inches and a strong fighter.

I think after that exciting day, all of us are the happiest anglers ever. We all caught fish and had a very enjoyable time.

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For more information on how you can catch an amazing fish, be sure to contact Spencer Morton. He is the Owner/Operator of Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School. You can also call him at 307.699.3440.

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