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Brokerage Services

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The core of our business is brokerage services. We have been working for sellers and buyers for nearly two decades now and have specialized systems to help each accomplish client goals. Covering twelve states, we are well equipped to assist our clients in the acquisition or deposition of property.

Selling Your Ranch or Land

Live Water Properties takes a “client-centric” approach. Our process begins with an owner interview, title review, map creation, and a personal visit to obtain a feel for the property and its attributes. We then conduct research through survey and photography to gather details for our property checklist and your listing on our website and in other publications.

Live Water Properties’ in-house marketing team has developed an integrated marketing communication plan to maximize exposure for each property listed whether ranches in the West or plantations in the South. The plan includes high-profile exposure both in digital and print media, videography, PR outreach and networking. We tirelessly monitor our marketing program to ensure it is producing leads. Our website is continuously updated for efficient use by buyers and sellers alike.

Why sell your property with Live Water

  • Professional Presentation – Our marketing is crisp, and we portray your property in the best possible light.
  • Efficiency – We streamline the marketing and sales process to minimize your own time and effort.
  • Information from One Source – We provide the key pieces of information such as sales data, valuation analysis, title review and resolution if necessary, market trends, tips for better property showings, etc.
  • Network – From our complete network of ranch brokers and area real estate agents to our database of over 40,000 high net worth individuals, we reach the right people for you.
  • Negotiation – From a Buyer’s financial qualification to small psychological advantages to imperative timeline structures in purchase contracts, we will position you to achieve your goals.

Buying Land with Live Water

We are the best brokerage to represent you during your search for a ranch or land property. Each property is different, just as each Buyer’s needs are different. Our vast experience and expertise in land acquisition will be crucial to your successful negotiation and purchase.

Why Buy with Live Water

  • Information from One Source – You won’t need to surf the Internet for months or years to build up your market knowledge. Our brokers have knowledge of all available inventory including listed and unlisted properties.
  • Investigation – We always strive to find and present the negatives of the property first in order to maximize our time together and eliminate surprises.
  • Data Management and Presentation – We create a comparative analysis for each property of interest, including maps showing the proximity to comparable sales.
  • Network – From our complete network of ranch and land brokers and area real estate agents to our database of over 40,000 high net worth individuals, we are in touch with the right people to better serve you.
  • Negotiation – From crafting a creative offer to outshine a competitive buyer, to specific diligent issue resolution, we have the tools and experience to position you per your direction.
  • Critical Information – We are experts when it comes to the understanding of critical deal points such as conservation easements, specific state big game tags, water and mineral rights, specific state water access laws, airline and FBO access, and zoning.
  • Efficiency – Time is extremely valuable, and we will not waste one minute of yours.


The auction method of sale is proven to generate time certainty and fair market value for sellers and buyers, exposing each property to many potential buyer candidates in order to create a competitive environment with “the market” present and actively bidding on auction day. We have strategic partnerships with the experienced auctioneers to offer our clients this useful services.

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