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Covid-19 Relief

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Living in a small town, one thing we have always seen in tough times is that in the midst of storms and trials, small communities rally around their people. Whether it be a benefit for a cancer patient, a fundraiser for a sick child, or food drives, our small communities are here to support. Thus far, 2020 has been full of trying times around the world. Times like these are when the human race must come together to support the ones most affected by Covid-19.

When the present seems dark, there is always a light that shines through to give hope that the end of the tunnel can be reached. The Covid-19 closures around the world have affected people from building cars, serving their favorite cocktail and have left students of all ages learning through a computer screen. Nurses and doctors have become the ones on the front line protecting the most vulnerable.

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The light at the end of the tunnel are people around the globe coming up with creative and efficient ways to help populations that need it most. These moments of clarity and positivity are what people need to also read in the news to show that we are strong when we work together.

In our headquarter town of Jackson Hole, the local schools have set up a program where students are allowed to swing by and pick up their lunch. “We have hundreds of kids who rely on school meals to meet their daily needs,” Executive Director of Teton County Education Foundation, Jennifer Jellen said. “We need to be absolutely certain that support continues, ” Jackson Hole News and Guide. These efforts are made possible by local volunteers who prep, package and deliver these meals to children of all socioeconomic levels.

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At Live Water Properties, we are thankful to have agents around this great country and with that we are all involved in small towns and cities during these ambiguous times. Many of the towns that Live Water has offices in are tourist and resort communities which have been hit exceptionally hard. We know many of our clients want to help in these communities and listed below are resources on how to give back to the local communities.

Jackson Hole, WY

In Jackson Hole there has been many efforts to support the hospitality workers, children and the elderly. –

The link provides an option for donating money for those struggling to pay bills, loans and rent.

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Covid-19 Relief 6

Missoula, MT

Tom Hilley and Dan Mahoney, head our office in Missoula, Montana which is a vibrant college town. Many people are out of work with restaurant closings and the link provides ways to donate time and money back to the community of Missoula, Montana.

Bozeman, MT

Bozeman, the other main college town in Montana sees many of the same threats that Missoula is facing. The, Greater Gallatin United Way, are calling for “the not at-risk population” volunteers for their leadership.

The precarious times are troubling for everyone around the planet. This level of uncertainty leaves people on edge and there needs to be a reminder that we will get through this, together. One message reigns true for humans around the map, stay home and help how one can.

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Driggs, ID

The state of Idaho has been placed on “stay at home” measures to combat the spread of Covid-19. The community in Teton Valley, Idaho are strong folks, but the Teton Valley nonprofit community offers ways to help those in need.

Denver, CO

In Colorado, the mountain towns were the first affected by Covid-19. Naturally, it was only time before Covid-19 reached Denver. This is the largest city where we have an office and there are plenty of ways to help the thriving and large metropolis.

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Covid-19 Relief 10

Bend, OR

The state of Oregon is home to three of our brokers and who are very close to a hot bed of Covid-19 outbreaks in Seattle, Washington. The following link is a way to give back to the Bend, OR area and other communities affected around the state of Oregon.

Charleston, SC

Our newest office of Live Water Southern located in Charleston, South Carolina are now on a two week “stay at home” clause. “By pooling our resources now to support those most affected, our region will be better equipped to respond quickly and sustain that response over the duration of this crisis.”

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Covid-19 Relief 12

If funds are tight, there are other options for helping folks in need. In Jackson Hole, Hole Food Rescue (, is accepting harvested game meat. For those, that harvest elk, deer or any type of bird, this is a fantastic way to clear out the freezer and give back.

Hospitals around the country have volunteers that our donating their time to create masks for the nurses and doctors on the front line. Around the state of Montana, there are people donating their time to create medical masks out of 3D Printers and sewing machines. (

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