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Holiday Gift Guide

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Live Water Properties’ 28 brokers across 12 states provide their clients with a variety of gift options for loved ones and friends. From the sandy shores of South Carolina to the mountain peaks of Montana, they have you covered with gift ideas.

Holiday Gift Guide 1

  • Tacky Fly Boxes: The tacky fly boxes are broker Brian Hartley’s favorite. The makers designed the fly box to keep up with advancements in the angling industry. “Over the years, we’ve found that one of the pieces of equipment we use the most, the fly box, is not on par with the entire fly-fishing experience. With all of the advancements in the industry over the years, we’ve often thought there must be a more simple, convenient, yet durable and sleek way to hold all of our flies.”

  • Orvis Helios3 Fly Rod: The Helios 3 Fly Rod is the update on one of our past favorites the Helios 2. It is the “latest and greatest from Orvis,” according to Vice President and broker John Merritt. “It’s accurate from anywhere and the new high-end fly rod of choice.”

  • Safe Passage Sling Pack: The safe passage sling is Orvis’ most popular style of pack and it’s also a “go to” for a few of our team members. Its comfortable and convenient design allows you to wear it over your shoulder and easily sling it around when you need anything. It’s versatile and fits anything you might need for a day on the water. It’s a favorite of Live Water founding partner Macye Maher, “It also helps inspire young anglers.”

  • Art4All “The Hog” Hat: We love the colorful design of this hat and the artistic play on words for any angler who has caught “a hog” or maybe just told a few fish tails.

  • Fishewear Leggings: Fashion for the female angler has come a long way in the last few years. One of our favorites and on our wish list for 2019 and beyond, is the fishewear leggings. They are perfect for under your waders or a morning run.

  • Yeti Hopper: Another staff and broker favorite is the Yeti hopper. Its soft-sided design is perfect to easily throw on a boat and unload when stopped on a bank. Being a Yeti, the quality is unbeatable and keeps drinks cold for days.

  • A Fly Fishing Vacation with Frontiers Travel: For nearly 50 years later, Frontiers Travel has had one of the best reputations in the sporting vacation industry. “The key to a travel advisory service is a good understanding and trust between client and advisor and nothing beats experience and knowledge.” With destinations all around the world it’s hard to narrow down which is their best trip, however a saltwater fly-fishing trip to Belize may be the perfect gift for someone to look forward to during the winter months.

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Holiday Gift Guide 6

  • Sous Vide: Gifts for hunters goes beyond the hunt, how do you prepare it once you have the meat? “Sous vide for provides the best possible food prep for game meat. It perfectly cooks game meat, game meat being a lean source of protein can often be overcooked, so this is a way to cook it perfectly every time,” says John Merritt.

  • Kennetrek Mountain Extreme Boots: These boots live up to their name and are designed to be comfortable while being tough. “I’m a big fan of Kennetrek Mountain Extreme boots, the boot has been best by far of any I’ve used over the years,” says Alex Maher.

  • Garmin Alpha 100 E-Collar Package: Another favorite of Live Water owner Alex Maher is the Garmin Alpha 100 e-collar package for bird dogs. It can track up to 20 dogs for 9 miles and “helps you achieve optimum performance from your sporting dogs.”

  • Quilomene upland bird vest: All of Quilomene products are made in the U.S.A. to make the highest quality vest. This vest is best for all day use and carries all of the gear you need, such as pheasants.

  • Gunner Kennels: Gunner Kennels are the “World’s Toughest Dog Crate.” The crate was designed by a dog owner who understands what dogs mean to their owners. It’s designed to be the toughest and safest for the once in a lifetime dog you want to protect.

  • Orvis Memory Foam Dog Bed: After a day of hard work in the field, your dog deserves to rest in luxury. The memory foam cushion is designed for a dog’s body shape and weight.

  • Havalon Bone Saw Knife: It is the most versatile field knife I have ever used. With its interchangeable blades, you can use the bone saw blade for cutting through game, the hunter’s blade for skinning an animal or anything you need to cut, and the filet blade for cutting perfect fish. This knife can field dress an entire elk, cutting down on your pack. Plus, there is no need to sharpen a dulling blade. Just change out the dull blade for a brand-new razor-sharp blade. The Havon system is also useful for other outdoor recreational pursuits. I take mine with me camping, on overnight float trips, and when out climbing.

  • Camera Stabalizer: “The Ronin S would be ideal for hunting because it would be much easier to get a steady shot while walking through the fields, spying on elk and following the dogs as they do their job,” says Reilly McSharry Dillon.

  • Ammo & Clays: A great stocking stuffer or gift in general are ammo and clays. It is something that any sportsman in your life is guaranteed to use and will always need more of.

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Holiday Gift Guide 11

  • Sing Hat: Sing Hat Company has any lover of the western wear covered with hats for her and him.

  • Custom Chinks: Two of my most prized possessions for riding are my custom-made, leather covered saddle canteen and my cowgirl chinks. Both just get better with age,” says Della Frederickson.

  • Smarty Steer: “I love the Smarty Steer. It lets me focus on the mechanics of my roping, swing and body position. I can practice these over and over again without tiring my horse out. When it’s time to rope live cattle, not only are the fundamentals more engrained in me but I have extra confidence knowing that I have put in the work,” says Emily Feuz.

  • YETI Tundra: The tundra is sturdy and durable, perfect for throwing on the back of a four-wheeler or in the horse trailer ready to share a few drinks when a day of work is done.

  • Bell Boots: Bell boots are a solid stocking stuffer. It’s a great gift that even if someone may not need right in December there will be some point throughout the year where they will need a new set of bell boots.

  • Silk Scarves:Winter in the Rockies is cold. Nothing beats a silk scarf for warmth in the winter. Not only are they incredibly warm but they are versatile and can be worn for any occasion.

  • Muck Boots: Muck boots keep your feet warm like no other in the rain or winter. “They are a must have in the truck when showing ranches to be prepared for any conditions,” says John Merritt.

  • Stormy Kromer Hats: For the western folk, there is nothing that says the Rocky Mountain West like a Stormy Kromer hat. Stylish for women and men of all ages. Not to mention its functionality of keeping your noggin toasty,” says Reilly McSharry Dillon.

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