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Live Water Properties Marketing

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Live Water Properties is a marketing firm at heart. We take your unique property and market it to the vast pool of buyers. Technology has altered marketing completely in the last 15 years. In a world where attention spans are decreasing, and a vast majority of property searches are done online, we strive to change our marketing techniques in order to keep your property in front of potential buyers. As technology has advanced, so have we. Live Water has shifted from print heavy marketing and a simple website, to a top of the line website that is sure to impress even the most tech savvy buyer.

Livewater Site
Livewater Site

Generation X – The “Forgotten Generation”

In the coming years Generation X (Born between 1965-1982) will be the biggest pool of home buyers on the market. According to marketing firms, Gen X is the “forgotten generation.” Many firms have skipped over them completely in favor of the more accessible and impulsive Millennials. Gen X members still use a combination of medias in their lives. They own smartphones and laptops, and spend a significant amount of time on them; however, they also still read newspapers and books, have TV, and listen to the radio.

Gen X is set to be the wealthiest generation alive by 2030, with over $34 trillion in net worth.* They will also have children and grandchildren to whom they’ll be interested in providing for and giving opportunities to access the ranch lifestyle.

Adapting to Changing Technology

This Generation has adapted to the technology that drives our world today. Of all Gen Xers, 75% are on social media. Email, social media, and smartphones are a huge part of their business and everyday life. However, Gen Xers do still appreciate phone calls and face-to-face interaction. Evidenced by the fact that word of mouth referrals and repeat business account for 82% of real estate transactions.* “Word of mouth” can mean many things. Email introductions, sharing of links or personal information through social media or email messages constitute many of the word of mouth referrals we’re talking about.

So how do we stay in front of this changing Gen X population and their recommenders? A highly targeted market strategy utilizing a wide range of medias. People remember and connect best with stories, and visual storytelling is just as important as written words. Photo heavy documents (both print and online), videos, interactive searchability, an upgraded website, and social media presence are all tools to connect to the users’ dream of owning a ranch. Shorter attention spans and increased scrolling, preferring photos over text, indicate that the more media heavy we can be with your property the more successful we can be.


Marketing a Lifestyle

Even those people who aren’t looking to buy a ranch may be potential recommenders. We’re marketing a lifestyle. Social media is the ultimate tool in marketing a lifestyle. Users post their “highlight reel” of their own lives, convincing others this is their reality. Live Water aims to market the ranch lifestyle as a possible reality to users. Our social media strategy, which provides glimpses into the lifestyle, while not being an overwhelming feed presence, is extraordinarily successful in terms of views and click throughs.

Live Water Properties is determined to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing the premier properties. We provide a media hungry populous with high quality photos and videos of ranches they’ll watch over and over again.

Authors: John Turner & Deirdre Griffith


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