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LWP’s Top Books and Podcasts

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When in isolation the mind can often wander, and for many people the arts play a large role in entertaining ourselves. Novels, podcasts, movies, magazines and TV shows are all ways that are meant for the mind to elude into another reality.

The restrictions around the country for shelter in place allows for time to catch up on the mediums that we normally do not have time for. Please enjoy the list of podcasts, novels, magazines and movies which we hope bring solace to these trying times.

The Live Water marketing team came up with a few of our favorites, which will hopefully inspire a few folks to pick up one of these.

Macye Maher, the CFO/ owner, often calls the rivers and creeks home during the summer months in Jackson Hole, WY. She is an author herself and loves reading novels about the streams and rivers she is passionate about.

The River Why – David Duncan

Augustine nicknamed “Gus,” was born into a family who called fishing their happy place. His Ma was a master of the bait-and-hook-style of fishing while his Father devoted his time on the water to the fly style. This rivalry between his parents lead Gus to moving away once his schooling was completed.

Gus sets up a life where he scheduled his days to maximize time on the rivers and kept an exact log for all the fish he caught. In his new life, he comes across a dead angler which pushed Gus to reevaluate life. When this happened, it encouraged Gus to reach out and befriend the people around him.

In 2010, a film adaptation was created, and the following link provides the trailer:

Reilly Dillon, the Digital Content Manager, hails from the land of 10,000 lakes – also known as Minnesota. Growing up in the North Star State, he often read authors who also called Minnesota home. The first being a story which he claims to be the beginning of his obsession with the outdoors.

Hatchet – Gary Paulson

Brian Robeson finds himself traveling from New York City to the north woods of Canada to visit his father after his parents’ recent divorce. During the flight from NYC the pilot gives Brian a brief lesson on how to fly the plane and controls the plane until the pilot takes back over. In the coming minutes, the pilot has a heart attack and passes away mid-flight. Brian manages to land the plane in a lake in the middle of the northern woods of Canada.

This epic coming of age tale of Brian Robeson who is 13 years old, finds himself in the middle of the Canadian wilderness with his clothing, frayed raincoat and hatchet, which was a gift from his mother for his trip. The story shows his struggles of adjusting to his new environment with shelter, food and protection from wildlife.

Gary Paulsen, an American author, who is best known for his coming of age stories. Many of his subjects experience peculiar events in the wilderness and his character’s actions demonstrate their personalities.

The Big Year – Mark Obmascik

Year in and year out, there are groups of individuals of all ethnicities that travel the globe to take photos of our friends in the air with two wings. The Big Year, follows these people around for a year, which depicts the lengths that folks are willing to go, to capture photos of their favorite birds. A few of the characters struggle with their professional workload, their relationships at home and the cost of traveling the world.

With the classic day to day life problems covered, what else could go wrong; weather always cooperates, birds love to pose and hardly fly away just before the focus is right. Not to mention that from time to time, humans grow a competitive nature when a competition begins.

In 2011, a film adaptation of the novel appeared on the big screen with an all-star cast which included Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson. Trailer:

A Land Remembered – Patrick Smith

A novel that she will not allow dust to gather on is A Land Remembered, which tells the tale of early Florida settlers and their interaction with the land. Native Floridians will be familiar with many of these areas mentioned and will feel a deep connection to this novel.

When Della is not in the office, she often finds herself in her car traveling to the barn and photographing the wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Podcasts can be heard playing through her speakers and the following are few of her favorites.

The Mountain and Prairie

The Mountain and Prairie podcast spotlights the innovative and creative individuals who are helping to shape the future of the American West. For those that were not born in the west, Mountain and Prairie is a great source to learn more about the western lifestyle and hear many stories of individuals who impact the western community.

Into the Wild

Topics are wide and ranging with a backbone centered on conservation in the podcast, Into the Wild. The conservation ideas touch on material with hunting, fishing, expeditions, environmental and wildlife management. This is a podcast for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors in all forms.

Modern Huntsman

Her favorite magazine, Modern Huntsman, publishes a biannual publication for like-minded conservationists, and outdoor enthusiasts. From cover to cover it highlights some extraordinary craftsmen, artists and hunters within the outdoor community. The photography content in Modern Huntsman is what really makes this magazine stand out from other outdoor publications.

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