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Memorial Day in Yellowstone

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With a white-capped lake surface, we had a bumpy ride across Lewis Lake to the Shoshone channel in Yellowstone National Park. We were nervous about our decision. Were we striking out too late in the day? Is it too cold? NO. Flashy streamers worked. We caught four lake trout in less than two hours on the sandy flats of the channel opening. They were landed by our children age 5 to 10…we were rolling laughter and singing Born to be Wild. After surveying the hot pockets on the distance shore, we decided to haul up the boat and head to Signal Mountain for sunsets and their signature nachos and marguerites. All-in-all it was a fantastic Memorial Day in Yellowstone National Park. Here’s to a summer of fly fishing.





Great fish Beckett!


Harper with a Lake trout!



Yellowstone hot spring!


Braving the storm!

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