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Legacy Ranch in Big Sky

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Legacy Ranch in Big Sky FeaturedIt is not often that properties come on the market blessed with virtually all of the amenities that comprise greatness. Even with the vast landscapes that characterize the Rocky Mountain West, it is still a challenge to find the ideal property that encompasses all of the criteria most often cited by Buyers. These qualities include acreage within an hour of a major airport, well watered, wildlife rich, great onsite fishing, private access, year-round accessibility, proximity to urban conveniences, excellent onsite recreation, topographic diversity and gorgeous scenery.In real estate parlance, these are known as legacy properties. The Anceney Ranch is such a place; it boasts all of the attributes mentioned above and many additional ones. Furthermore, as if its intrinsic virtues were not sufficient, it is situated along the Gallatin River less than a mile from the entrance to the Big Sky Resort. The resort offers an abundance of all-season recreation opportunities from golf to world-class downhill and cross-country skiing.

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