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Gunsight Ranch

Sold: 2021 Gunsight Ranch Kelly, Wyoming

Details & Features

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this unique 110-acre property is located in the sweeping wilds of the Gros Ventre river valley. In addition to stunning views, three ponds, a haying operation, multiple barns and equine facilities, and a ranch manager’s home, the property’s heart is a custom built 5,681sq ft log home. Inspired by the ancestral designs of Navajo hogans, this one-of-a-kind 6 bed/5 bath home includes a spacious great room with an open concept kitchen, living, dining space — anchored beneath a soaring, geometrically-distinctive ceiling crowned by a skylight, around a handcrafted river rock fireplace and log mantel. It also boasts a three-car garage, peacefully-secluded meditation room, ample storage, an office, spacious decks, an outdoor kitchen, and indoor greenhouse.

“I have been blessed owning this property,” says current owner Etca R. White. “I have truly been given an opportunity most people don’t have. This land is not going to change, but it will change you.”

A Location Apart
There are few opportunities to own an expanse of 110 acres so near to the heart of Jackson Hole, while enjoying the peaceful seclusion of the untamed Wyoming wild. 38 miles from the Town Square, the Gunsight Ranch is a historic ranch balanced on a bench above the Wild & Scenic Gros Ventre River. Originally homesteaded in 1911, the property offers 360-degree views of the distinctive Gros Ventre mountains, the sweeping river valley below, and one of the area’s most beautiful perspectives on the Cathedral Group of the Teton Mountain Range.

Situated in a swath of fragrant native sagebrush, the property is an inholding within the 3.4 million acres of the Bridger-Teton National Forest — which includes the pristine Gros Ventre Wilderness. Nearby, the free-flowing Gros Ventre River, which has been federally-designated as a Wild & Scenic waterway, is home to native cutthroat trout: a beautiful and robust fishery that offers hours of angling within minutes’ walk or drive.

In addition to excellent fishing, this property’s distinct location offers boundless choices for recreation year-round. Summertime includes millions of miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The surrounding wild spaces invite practically endless wildlife and bird watching. Fall brings world-class hunting opportunities — hunters from across the globe join outfitters to seek game in the Gros Ventre. Winter offers endless opportunities to cross-country ski, snowshoe, or ride snowmobiles.

Historic and Nostalgic
Countless elements of the property harken back to the genuine Western past of this distinctive slice of the Wyoming landscape. Though little sign remains of their visits, the area was once traversed by small bands of traveling Indigenous tribal groups including the Shoshone and the Sheepeater people. Historic homesteaders’ structures on the property include the original barn, settler’s cabin & barn, and a ranch manager’s cabin. The adjacent ranch, the Goosewing Ranch, has been operated as a guest ranch since the early 1970s. The guest ranch, also for sale, was once a part of the Gunsight Ranch; currently, a buyer could once again reunite the properties and enjoy riverfront access and all of the guest ranch’s amenities.

The 110 acres of the Gunsight Ranch also include three interconnected ponds and modern facilities for horse ownership. One pond, boasting a lengthy wood plank dock, is ideal for lazy afternoon canoe rides, swimming, fishing, or paddleboarding. A six-stall stable, paddocks with shelters, and a nearby recently-constructed barn make this the ideal spot for the classic Western vision of sunset horseback rides along the river, or day-long trail ride adventures into the National Forest.

“I have been blessed owning this property,” says current owner Etca R. White. “I have truly been given an opportunity most people don’t have. This land is not going to change, but it will change you.”

Unique, Custom Home Inspired by Indigenous Tradition
While “one-of-a-kind” can be tossed about loosely, this home truly fits the description. The original owners were enamored with the cultural and spiritual traditions of the Indigenous Puebloan people of the American Southwest. As documentary filmmakers who dedicated years to chronicling Native stories, the original owners’ vision for the home sprang from the traditional Navajo Hogan: a hexagonal structure with a distinctively layered roof. The Hogan itself is based on an even older Indigenous architectural tradition called a Kiva — similar in shape and roof construction, the Kiva was typically built underground.

Inspired by this Indigenous design, the home is built around a series of hexagonal shapes. The layered roof — truly unlike any log-constructed roof in the region — follows the hexagonal pattern to the top, where it is crowned by a skylight. At once deeply natural and elegantly geometric — reminiscent of the mathematically-flawless fractals observed in ice crystals, wildflowers, and spiderwebs — the fascinating shapes create a distinctive openness and sense of thoughtful design.

Central Space: The Great Room
The heart of this 6-bed/5-bath home is the largest hexagon. With an open concept floorplan, the spacious room encompasses a living room, kitchen, and dining room. The center of the hexagon — a shape mirrored by tiles on the floor, crowned by an expansive skylight at the pinnacle — creates a sense of balance and harmony. The living room portion is anchored around a handcrafted river rock fireplace with a custom log mantle. Expansive windows frame one of the most special and distinctive views of the Cathedral Group of the Teton Range, subtly framed by the unique geological patterns of the Gros Ventre Range.

The kitchen includes gas appliances, bountiful storage, and counter space, including a free-standing island and breakfast bar. Entirely finished in wood, it meshes seamlessly with the custom log construction of the rest of the Great Room.

Upstairs, two Primary Bedrooms enjoy private fireplaces, incredible wilderness views, and access to the home’s expansive decks. As the upper level of another hexagon, both of these bedrooms have soaring ceilings constructed in the same layered Hogan fashion, capped with a skylight. One bedroom boasts a marble fireplace, freestanding soaking tub, double closets, a stone-clad shower, and unobstructed Teton views. The second primary bedroom offers a river rock fireplace, a spacious tiled shower in the en suite bathroom, and ample storage space.

The lower level of the bedroom hexagon — accessed by a one-of-a-kind spiral staircase, methodically wrapped around a rustic vertical log and intricately decorated with Western symbolic art — includes four smaller bedrooms that share two bathrooms. This well-lit lower level enjoys hardwood floors with careful details, custom woodwork throughout, and expansive views.

Creative Design at Every Turn
In addition to the Great Room and bedrooms, this home was thoughtfully designed to create spaces maximizing its ambiance of peaceful retreat. A meditation room — the smallest-scale hexagon in the home — enjoys a skylight for daytime use and recessed lighting for evening and nighttime utilization. A perfect miniature replica of the Great Room, this space is cozy, welcoming, and invites relaxation and reflection.

Similarly, the library and office both include expansive windows that bring ample natural light and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Thoughtful details like built-in floor-to ceiling shelving, easy access to the outdoor spaces, and sophisticated touches in the woodwork make these areas easy to utilize for work or pure relaxation.

One of the most unique elements of this one-of-a-kind home is the lengthy south-facing indoor greenhouse. Backed by a wall of river rock to retain the day’s heat, and offering a sink and workspace, this innovative design allows for growing flourishing plants, herbs, and vegetables all year round.

Effortless Indoor/Outdoor Transitions
This unique home does not sit apart or atop the Gros Ventre Mountain landscape, but rather immerses itself into the expansive outdoor surroundings. The main entrance — an east-facing door as yet another homage to the visionaries’ profound appreciation of Indigenous traditions — welcomes you with wood and stone, echoing the world outside, but offering a sense of comfort and retreat. Exposed beams, ample storage for outdoor clothing and gear, and easy access to the truly expansive outdoor deck reinforce the sense of indoor/outdoor flow.

The deck, which wraps around multiple sides of the home, is superb. With ample space for grilling, entertaining, or simply passing an afternoon in a hammock with a beloved novel and icy drink, the deck amplifies the sense of immersion in the surrounding mountainscape. An outdoor kitchen, though not yet completed, contributes further to the sense of invitation to live in the blurred lines between interior and exterior in this unique abode.

Ultimate Livability
Other thoughtful design elements contribute to the livability of this home. A walk-in pantry with wraparound floor-to-ceiling shelving and a freestanding island make it easy to ensure plenty of supplies without needing to travel to town. The laundry room offers bountiful counter space and an island in addition to double sinks and dozens of cabinets and drawers for storage.

The three-car garage includes plenty of space to store vehicles or recreational toys in addition to a bountiful cache of firewood.

The home runs on a pair of diesel generators, and thus is entirely off-grid.

  • Custom built 5,681sq ft log home
  • 38 miles from the Jackson Hole Town Square
  • The property is an inholding within the 3.4 million acres of the Bridger-Teton National Forest
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Last Listed At:$16,500,000
110 Acres

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