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Jasperson Ranch

Sold: 2015 Jasperson Ranch Thayne, WY

Details & Features

Introduction: The Jasperson Ranch is located in the heart of Star Valley, Wyoming, west of the town of Thayne via a year round County Road 125. The 594.9-acre ranch is comprised of low-lying riparian river ground on the eastern boundary and timber-lined alpine meadows on its western edge. The Salt River defines the eastern border of the ranch with its many braids and easy access for wade fishing. The Salt provides ample fishing opportunities along a ½ mile of riverfront for healthy populations of wild brown and cutthroat trout. Spring creeks can be found throughout the property, offering additional enhancement projects and an excellent waterfowl habitat. Approximately 172 acres are irrigated mainly by center pivot. The owner consistently harvests 90-100 bushels of Barley per acre annually which could supply additional income to an incoming owner. The Jasperson Ranch is a unique offering in a valley known for its world-class fishing and recreational amenities.

Location: Located 1 hour south of Jackson Hole in Lincoln County, Wyoming, in a mountainous valley on the border of Idaho and Wyoming known as Star Valley is the Jasperson Ranch. This picturesque valley was settled in the late 19th century and was proclaimed the “Star of All Valleys” by its settlers for its natural beauty and landscape. Star Valley is unique in that throughout its 50-mile length, at no place is the valley floor wider than 6 miles between the Caribou-Targhee National Forest on the west and the Bridger-Teton National Forest on the east.

Acreage: Situated along the Salt River with several springs and creeks, the Jasperson Ranch is a combination of productive farm ground and riparian lands. The riparian lands of the Salt River make up the eastern half of the property as several braids of the river meander through. The riparian zone is wide, dominated by willows and grazing ground. The ranch boasts several spring creeks, which provide additional irrigation and excellent waterfowl habitat. On the western border of the ranch, the topography slowly rises providing several quality building sites outside the flood plain and making up the bulk of the crop producing ground.

Live Water: The Salt River is a classic meadow fishery that flows through the center of Star Valley for approximately 50 miles. The river is navigable by small drift boat or raft however, receives minimal boat traffic. The tributaries to the river number in the hundreds, with over 75% of the summer flows from spring sources throughout the valley. The Salt empties into the Palisades Reservoir 12 miles downstream of the ranch, south of the town of Alpine.

Wildlife and Hunting: The waterfowl hunting on the Jasperson ranch and in the Star Valley region is excellent due to a number of unique natural attributes. Star Valley is known by the avid outdoorsman for the Salt River and the thousands of spring creeks and seeps found throughout the valley adjacent to the main stem of the Salt River. These incredibly rich water resources, with pockets of warmer spring waters, offering open water in the colder months, coupled with active grain fields adjoining these lower wet areas provide excellent habitat and food stores for the numerous migratory birds during their flight south.

  • 8 spring creeks
  • Agricultural operation with 172 irrigated acres
  • World-class recreational area
  • Exceptional waterfowl hunting
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Last Listed At:$3,500,000
595 Acres
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