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      The Carney Farm

      Sold: 2014 The Carney Farm Riverton, WY

      Details & Features

      The Carney Farm is located approximately 30 miles from Riverton, Wyoming, and is also included in the offering. The farm contains approximately 1,781 total acres. There are 656 irrigated acres, including 573 acres under 3 irrigation pivots. The balance of the irrigated acreage is irrigated by sideroll sprinklers and gated pipe irrigation systems. There are 1,123 acres of rangeland and 2 acres of residential improved land. The farm includes two singlestory modular farmhouses, one with 3 bedrooms and one with 5 bedrooms, as well as several outbuildings totaling approximately 6,670 sqft.Currently, the farm provides winter pasture and feed ground for the ranch’s cattle and produces both hay and cash crops. Some of the non-irrigated acreage is utilized for grazing, and there is a backgrounding area located at the farm. In 2012 the farm produced approximately 1,600 tons of dairy hay, 7,000 bags of pinto beans, and 1,500 tons of corn silage. Other crops produced recently include wheat and hard corn. For 2013, approximately 135 acres of irrigated ground has been planted with corn for silage at an expected yield of 25 tons per acre. Approximately 100 acres have been planted with pinto beans at an expected 25 bags per acre. The balance of the irrigated ground will raise dairy hay at approximately 5 tons per acre in 3 cuttings. The backgrounding area has capacity for approximately 1,000 head of yearling cattle. Note: Equipment, livestock, and harvested crops are not included in the offering but most can be purchased by separate agreement. Irrigation water for the Farm is supplied by the Midvale Irrigation District under Permit #7300 from the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office. Midvale’s water right was established in 1906 and adjudicated in 2005. Midvale’s irrigation water is primarily stored at Bull Lake and is delivered to the District via Bull Lake Creek and the Wind River before being diverted into the Wyoming Canal at Diversion Dam. Supplemental water is stored in Pilot Butte Reservoir. Midvale provides an initial allocation of 1.5 acre-feet per irrigated acre at the start of the irrigation season. As the reservoirs fill with spring runoff, the allocation is increased to an average of 3.0 acre-feet. In 2012, Midvale delivered approximately 3.25 acre-feet of irrigation water. Water is delivered to the farm via open canal (i.e. not in a pressurized system). On the farm, water is distributed to approximately 573 acres through 3 pivot sprinklers that operate under gravity pressure (no pump necessary); the balance of the irrigated acreage is irrigated by sideroll sprinklers and gated pipe. In 2012, the farm’s charges from the irrigation district totaled $12,279.07. (Sources: Midvale Irrigation District)

      SOLD at:$2,500,000
      1,781 Acres
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