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Ranching Amidst New Norms

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As the peak of Covid-19 begins to slow down across the United States, certain governors have begun to open their states. This will be the beginning for the return to “normal.” At least, what the new “normal” will be.

States beginning to open restaurants, bars, theatres and salons will have people feeling differently about attending these destinations. The word “open” may take on a new meaning as restaurants will spread people out, bars may not allow anyone to sit on a stool and salons may have people wait outside until it is their turn for a haircut.

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The new “normal” should be exciting to Americans as it will allow us to change industry norms. They do not have to be dramatic changes but when one enters the grocery store, it may be a good idea to always wipe down the shopping cart before using and wear a mask.

In the darkest of days there is always a light the shines through, the reopening of states. People will not take work, live concerts or even a simple haircut for granted. The simple interactions that were had every day before Covid-19 will hopefully bring joy to people after the lockdowns.

Across the west in America, springtime means calving and tilling season, which is a large job on the working ranches. This time brings new hope to the ranchers and farmers as they know they have new responsibilities with the calves and their mothers and crops to stay as healthy as possible.

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Once all the calves are born, the branding process is planned, which can be a multiple day event to ensure their cattle are marked. For the farmers, once the land is tilled their work truly begins. They then plant the seeds, keep in mind how much water mother nature drops upon their crops and eventually harvest a few yields a year.

When we asked one rancher if she had noticed any differences in her operations with Covid-19, she replied, “not yet, but we don’t sell until the fall.”

What does spring mean for ranchers? Our same friend answered, “It’s like turning a faucet on full power.” They calve and brand, drag fields, irrigate, get cattle off to summer pastures, and don’t forget haying until late August.

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The ranchers do everything in their power to keep their calves and mothers healthy. Parents around the globe are doing the same for their young children. Business leaders are implementing systems so that their employees can work from home so that commerce does not come to a standstill. Farmers do the same as all of these people, as their crops are their means to an end in their financial world.

Parents have taken on new roles with the school shutdowns across the country. If work and raising a family was not enough, they now have the responsibility of assisting their children with schoolwork when the Zoom call ends with the teacher.

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These new lessons have been stressful for families in every community and they will hopefully be more thankful for the teachings that the teachers provide to their children when school returns.

Farmers have always known that they are an integral part of making the American day-to-day life accessible for people across the country. Covid-19 has highlighted how important these people are, because when shelves went bare in the grocery store – people panicked. The everyday Joe will hopefully drive through Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and the Dakota’s with a new appreciation for the land that they see.

For many of the cattle ranches that Live Water Properties proudly represents, life has been similar since this pandemic began. Live Water Properties is knowledgeable of the ranching community. In the coming months as the world begins to reopen it will be insightful to see the impacts and how old norms change in the “everyday life of American ranchers.”

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