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The Little Belt Cattle Company – Starting a Cattle Ranch by Combining Three Properties

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought many uncertainties to the world. Living in rural parts of America became an iconic attempt at getting back to a “normal life.” The ability to be outside, not confined. The ability to escape overpopulated neighborhoods and workspaces. Investment seekers from around the world have looked at large ranches or vacant land in the American West to capitalize on another move West.

For Tim Sheehy and Greg Putnam, it was quite the opposite. They already resided in the West. They did not need to move, yet they were experiencing problems of their own due to Covid. Shortages of many things, including beef. With no certainty the supply chain would ever be set straight, at least not the way in which Tim and Greg would prefer, they envisioned starting their own cattle company to produce high-quality Montana beef. They, along with Tim’s brother Matt, created a goal to focus on the direct sale of high-end beef to consumers.


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