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WHR Prime Cut Production Sale – Balanced Salers that Pay their Way

By Tate Jarry

Prime Cut Production Sale

The 7th Annual Prime Cut Production Sale on the West Hills Ranch was held last Saturday March 11, 2017 in Fairview, Wyoming.   The auction was hosted by Ryan and Jessica Jarratt, the West Hills Ranch managers, and ranch owners Pam and Randy Hruska.

The Auction consisted of purebred and composite Salers cattle with lots being comprised of 30 Long Yearling and yearling bulls, 10 open Heifers and 10 bred females.  For those unfamiliar with the Salers (Sa’lair or Saleer) breed of cattle this is an ancient breed of cattle but relative newcomer to North American from the Massif Central region of France, a mountainous region of the country.  This breed is best known for their calving ease, fertility, longevity, performance and carcass records and their ability to cover rough pastures at high altitudes, a common trait of many Rocky Mountain West Ranches.   Ryan and Jessica with the support of the landowners Randy and Pam and in partnership with the Fredrickson Ranch of Great Falls, Montana and the Deep Creek Seedstock of Mitchell, Nebraska are continuing the growth of their registered Salers herd at the West Hills Ranch and expect the number of bulls offered at next year’s auction to grow.

Salers Cattle

Fifteen yearling bulls averaged $3,500, nine long yearling bulls averaged $3,150, eight bred females averaged $1,581, ten open females averaged $1,581 and ten open heifers averaged $1,025. Buyers came as far from Oklahoma, with the volume buyer being Robinson Cattle Company out of Jackson, Wyoming. “We were pleased with the sale results,” says Ryan Jarratt. “We focus on retaining customers and were happy to welcome some new ones this year. The high selling lot was a purebred Salers bull that sold for $8,000.”

Salers Cattle Sale

Ranch Offering:

The West Hills Ranch-on Crow Creek, the host ranch for this auction, is located 5 miles west of the town of Afton in Fairview, Wyoming, and is currently being market for sale for $5,200,000.  This private ranch is comprised of 1,106 deeded acres separated into two distinguished sections of ground, the “Hillside portion” consisting of 897 acres and the “Crow Creek Portion” consisting of 209 acres.  Collectively these two parcels of land offer and an incoming owner a diversity seldom found in a western ranch setting, and it’s certainly unique to the Star Valley ranch market.  Private world class fishing on nearly a mile of Crow Creek, excellent water rights and irrigated pastures as well as hillside grazing pastures all with exceptional mountain views.

West Hills Ranch on Crow Creek


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