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From the Woods to Table: A Special Gift During Covid

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Not many people on the planet could have predicted the tribulations that would occur in the first four months of 2020. World leaders, citizens and companies have all been pushed to new extremes in unprecedented ways.

The residents of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, have come together to create funds for those who work in the service industry, which has been hit incredibly hard with little to no tourism.

Hole Food Rescue

Beckett Maher, 14 years of age who is an avid angler and hunter found his way to give back. He is also the son of Macye and Alex Maher. He works at the Hole Grocer and thought of those in need when the meat sections of the local grocery stores went bare.

He did not hesitate when he thought about his extra game meat from the 2019 season. Beckett harvested an elk and antelope during his hunts with his Dad, so he checked the deep freezer and selected multiple pounds of frozen meat to donate to the Jackson Hole Food Rescue.

Fresh Yummy Dish
Fresh Yummy Dish

“My drive comes from being out in nature, which I love but also knowing that I can put food on my family’s table as a reward for my hard work in the woods,” said Beckett. Alex passed his passion for harvesting large game to his son at a young age, and hunting is an activity they take part in each fall.

Alex shares his secrets to making his game meat bring out the most flavor for those sharing the dinner table with him, “for the steaks, I’ll usually thaw them overnight then marinate them in raspberry vinaigrette and Worcestershire for 2-3 days, which really softens the meat. On ducks, the Soy Vay teriyaki marinade works well. For pheasant, marinate in chipotle BBQ.”

Grilled Patty

Reilly Dillon, the Digital Content Manager, finds a special enjoyment from the antelope burger meat. To make the perfect cheeseburger he adds black pepper, garlic salt, mustard and basil.

Beckett got the idea of “helping out your neighbor” from his Mom who thought it would be amazing to share their family’s bounty. After dropping the game supply, Beckett said, “I find that it is important to do your part because when you are in times that are hard, others help you out.” This idea reigns true in Teton County, Wyoming as we treat our neighbors as family, and we bring elk and antelope to others so they may nourish with a delicious meal.

Food will always be a great resource to bring people together. In the times of Covid-19 we will take any opportunity to help our neighbors, wishing we could all be together at a crowded table.

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