Willamette Valley Ranches for Sale

Ranches for sale in Corvallis, Eugene and Scio, Oregon

The Cascade Range, the Coast Range and the Calapooya Mountains surround the Willamette Valley, with the Willamette river running the valley’s entire 150 mile length. The waterways of the valley create the famed alluvial soils, making it a highly fertile and productive agricultural area. Home to more than 700 award-winning vineyards, the area is often known as “Oregon Wine Country.”

The area is great for recreation and residents could be hunting in the morning and easily make it to a football game in either Corvallis or Eugene that afternoon. Linn County is known as the “grass seed capital of the world” and with over 120,000 residents, the area is known for large farms, timber production, and manufacturing.

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