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Live Water Southern

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Live Water Southern

One More Reason to Love Your Property

There are innumerable reasons we all love our family’s farms, ranches, plantations, timberlands, and even 40 to 60 acre tracts. There are miles to hike, walk, ride, bike or drive. There are waters to fish, game to hunt and of course, countle...

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The “State of the Wild Turkey” in the Southeast

With the passing of the State of the Union address, we assess the “State of the Wild Turkey” in anticipation of turkey season starting in my home Sunshine State of Florida on March 7, 2020. Coincidentally, one of the newest states for Live...

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South Eastern Wildlife Exposition – SEWE

In the United States of America there are plenty of wildlife art events that can be found in every corner of the country. A group of Charleston, South Carolina businesspeople had been to these shows and decided it could be a great resource for...

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Evaluating a Land Investment

When considering land for sale in Georgia, many factors are involved in the revenue-generating potential and the resulting value of the land. Experience is key when valuing different land investment opportunities. Even if recreation an...

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