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Considering Buying a Ranch in Montana?

Why are you interested in owning a Montana Ranch?
You may be searching for a Montana ranch for sale because you have become a fan of the show Yellowstone. Maybe your friends have recently purchased a...

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National Ag Day

The Important of Ranching and Agriculture in the United States
“Almost all of us take agriculture for granted,” says the Agriculture Council of America. To recognize the “greatness of agriculture,” they founded National Ag Day in 1973 ...

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Restored Hand-Hewn Cabins: A Test of Time

Dilapidated cabins memorialize a bygone era of the West. They dot the landscape, weathered, battered by the elements, yet still standing, a testament to the care and craftsmanship of the builders more than 100 years ago.

When Mike Halverson,...

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Personal Experiences in Buying and Selling Ranches

As a kid growing up in the farming community of Fairfield, Montana, I was always captivated by ranches. We would go up on friends and family ranches, hunting and fishing in the mountains west of Choteau and Augusta along the Rocky Mountain fron...

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Benefitting from Past Land Uses

As Ranch Brokers, we have the opportunity to visit, view, and represent some of the most beautiful properties in the west. Past land practices from over 100 years ago are still present on the properties telling a picture of how the property and...

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