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Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry

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Four guys in a car driving from Vail, Colorado, to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the Fall of 1997, what could go wrong? They pitched tents on the outskirts of a campground, north of Jackson in Kelly Campground, where they woke up to an early alarm clock, “bear!” Little did these fellas know that it was a rutting bull moose that got its antlers tangled in their tent’s rainfly and ran around camp waking up everyone else. This was Tate Jarry’s first introduction to the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area, which he has called home for the past two decades.

Tate’s story began in Lebanon, New Hampshire, a quaint New England town largely known for Dartmouth College. As the “black sheep” of the family, Tate found himself always outside as a toddler. His grandfather and father strapped his feet to skis by the age of two and pushed him down hills in their backyards. Before Tate knew it, he was hooked on alpine skiing. “If I didn’t have a ride to WhaleBack or Storrs Hill, I would walk there with my skis.” Tate competed Nordic Ski Jumping in the Bill Koch Youth Ski League until the end of middle school. When the ice on the ski runs of New England were not intact, he found himself canoeing on ponds trolling for trout or stalking brook trout in the local streams. Those summers months became more favorable when he became older when his interest turned to the baseball diamond. Tate played for Legion Post 26 in Hartford, Vermont, and is proud of their 1991 State Championship. Upon graduating from Lebanon High School Tate attended the University of New Hampshire, studying Political Science and Business.

Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 1
Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 2
Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 3

His four years as a Wildcat were enjoyed to the fullest and at graduation his mother gifted him five round trip tickets on Northwest Airlines to anywhere in the lower 48. Tate took advantage of this and moved to Vail, Colorado, in the summer after he walked with his tassel and gown. The “fellas” that Tate met up with decided to move to the Cowboy State only a month after he arrived.

Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 4
Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 5

In 2002, Tate passed his Broker’s exam and met someone named Alex Maher who had recently started Live Water Properties. Tate was hired onto the Live Water team mentored by Alex; Tate was the “right-hand man” for his first two years. “My goal was simple, educate myself as fast as I could in the business and have hands on training with every deal that came across Alex’s desk. Alex and Tate did a number of deals together and in 2006, Tate became an Associate Broker for Live Water Properties. He has been with LWP for a healthy 16 years. When he began, LWP had five employees and one office. Tate has been along for the ride as the company grew from this to a 31-person firm across 12 states.

In those 16 years with LWP, Tate has averaged six deals per year and has completed over 80 property transactions. Two properties come to mind when he recalls his favorites. The Flat Creek Ranch in Thayne, Wyoming, sticks out to Tate, “it was a natural spring creek that held large fish in a meadow setting. You could walk the creek in the fall and see the brown trout on their spawning beds.” The other being, Hartman Ranch, “which was a true sportsman paradise: an elk herd called it home, Crow Creek ran through it and had ponds that attracted ducks.” Tate has truly enjoyed meeting the people who can afford these discretionary properties and learning their stories. A lot of things in life don’t happen by chance, there is a reason why they have become this successful.

Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 6
Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 7

In 2009, Tate was set up on a blind date with a young lady named Laurel. They hit it off that year and decided to marry in 2010. They have three children Arianna, Quinn and Thea. If three children are not enough, they also support four horses, three cats, two rescue dogs, four chickens and three ducks.

Outside of the office Tate can be found bow hunting in the woods and angling the river bottoms that surround the Teton Valley area. He has loved passing along his passion for hunting and angling to his kids. Quinn, this past summer came up one shy on the Wyoming Cut Slam. In 2017, Tate took over as the President for Cutthroat Youth Hockey in Teton County, Idaho. He can be found at their outdoor rink slinging slap shots at the young goalies. In life, Tate likes to live by the motto: “If someone offers, say yes – carpe diem.”

Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 8
Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 9
Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 10
Meet the Brokers of Live Water – Tate Jarry 11

Growing up in New England and calling the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem home for the better part of his adult life, these harsh climates can take a toll on a person. His bucket list item is to become a snowbird. One day he hopes to own land in Arizona or New Mexico where Laurel can ride her horse and Tate can explore new hunting and fishing opportunities in the warmer hemisphere.

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