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National Ag Day

The Important of Ranching and Agriculture in the United States

“Almost all of us take agriculture for granted,” says the Agriculture Council of America. To recognize the “greatness of agriculture,” they founded National Ag Day in 1973 to create awareness about agriculture’s role in modern society. How many of us stop to think about where our food comes from when we sit down to eat? American ranchers and cowboys are some of the most iconic personas in our country, yet some of the least understood and appreciated. Behind that mystique are the hard-working families that labor day in and day out to feed our country.

We wanted to hear firsthand from families engrained in ranching about the state of agriculture in the United States. They work the land themselves. It’s not like what you see on TV. There is no large staff of hired help. It is 24/7, and there are no vacation days. They do it for various reasons, but they all love the lifestyle and recognize their work’s importance in feeding our local communities and country.

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