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2022 Ranch Market Report

Live Water running through a Montana Ranch for Sale

There was much discussion and hype about the real estate market and economy in general in 2022. Despite a market that showed signs of changing conditions, 2022 was still a strong and successful year in ranch sales. At Live Water Properties, we saw our second-highest year in sales volume at $377M. This was higher than the pandemic-driven market that began in 2020 and fell only behind 2021’s record-setting year.

As we look forward to 2023, the real estate market appears to be normalizing. However, while the news and media report on the residential market, the ranch market must be looked at separately. Ranches are unique and often tightly held assets that cannot be recreated. Additionally, nearly 90% of ranch transactions are purchased in cash. How did these factors affect 2022, and what do we expect to see in 2023? We spoke with our team of Ranch Real Estate Brokers to take a closer look at the 2022 Ranch Market and get their predictions and advice for Ranch Buyers and Sellers in 2023.

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