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2024 Mountain West Hatch Report

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With spring in the rearview mirror, it is time to gear up for summer fishing in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest. Thanks to yet another wet spring and an adequate snowpack, we could leave our nymph boxes at home and get ready for a great season of fishing. As we transition out of the high, muddy waters of the runoff and into cool, clear summer flows, we can expect a large number of insects, especially the coveted terrestrials. As you continue reading, you will find local reports from our expert Brokers, lending you a first-hand account of the angling outlook.

Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale in Idaho

Twin Peaks Guest Ranch
Salmon, Idaho | 677.81 Acres
Located along the entrance of Twin Peaks Guest Ranch is the Salmon River, renowned for its chinook salmon and steelhead runs. This world-famous river is best fished in the spring and fall for its migratory species. During the summer however, anglers can expect to find an abundance of cutthroat and rainbow trout. As river levels drop from the spring runoff, there are active hatches of golden stones, yellow sallies, and PMDs (Pale Morning Duns). These hatches are only expected to strengthen as the summer progresses, giving way to salmon flies and terrestrials as July and August approach. The Salmon River is an exciting fishery, shaping up for yet another great summer of fishing. Explore Twin Peaks Guest Ranch

Teton River Ranch
Tetonia, Idaho | 76.78 Acres

Few rivers in the West provide dry fly-fishing opportunities that compare to those on the Teton River. The Teton River Ranch sits on one of the most private sections of this 81-mile fishery. This prime location lends itself well to both wade-fishing and dropping and retrieving drift boats. Currently, water levels are high due to the runoff, but the end is in sight as water levels have begun to drop. At current flows, dry fly fishing is not optimal, but one can still find success with large streamers or along grassy banks with worms and terrestrials. As water levels continue to drop PMD (Pale Morning Dun), caddis, and salmon fly hatches will begin. Around mid-July is when this section of the river really hits its stride; hoppers and chubbies are the name of the game, and opportunities at fish over 20 inches are ample. Explore Teton River Ranch

Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale in Wyoming

Papa’s Creek Ranch
Star Valley, Wyoming | 179 Acres
The Star Valley is home to what is widely regarded as the finest spring creek fishing in Wyoming; Papa’s Creek Ranch should be no exception. The ranch sits on 1.35 miles of prime river frontage on the Salt River, along with an additional 1.5 miles of completely private spring creek – Papas Creek. While the creek currently holds fish, the potential for a world-class spring creek is well within reach. The Salt River, however, needs no improvements, as it is an exceptional undercut bank fishery, which bodes extremely well for terrestrial fishing, producing world-class brown and cutthroat trout day in and day out. Currently, the river is still running high, but it has cleared up dramatically in the past week and is beginning to produce consistent double-digit days. Green drakes are all the craze right now and will continue to be a staple food source into early July. PMDs (Pale Morning Duns) have also been hatching, along with a solid early stonefly hatch. Terrestrial season is on the horizon, and with a solid snowpack and a moist spring, we are in for a terrific summer. Explore Papas Creek Ranch

17 Rocking Chair
Dubois, Wyoming | 22 Acres

Dubois has been one of the first areas of Wyoming to start fishing well this summer; the runoff is officially over, and the summer fishing season is upon us. The Upper Wind River, which makes the property’s southern border, is a beautiful, free-flowing river dominated by native cutthroat trout. Further down the river, anglers will encounter larger populations of brown and rainbow trout, making it possible to catch all three species in one day. The river and surrounding water, Torrey Creek and Wiggins Fork are all fishing extremely well right now with Duracell nymphs and midges. Fishing continues to improve by the day, and the dry fly fishing should pick up by the end of the week. A four-weight rod with a floating line will make for tremendous fun on the Upper Wind River any day of the week. Explore 17 Rocking Chair

Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale in Oregon

R&C Ranch
Fossil, Oregon | 5,430 Acres

R&C Ranch is conveniently nestled along 1.5 miles of the John Day River, notorious for its smallmouth bass fishery as well as a strong summer steelhead run. Anglers can expect success fishing from the shore however, the true beauty of this location lies in its access to the entire river system. With a jet boat, over 100 miles of this esteemed river can be explored simply by launching from the shore, in front of the riverfront home. For smallmouth bass fishing, a six to eight weight rod with both an intermediate sinking line and a floating line are recommended. The peak season for smallmouth runs from mid-June to the end of August and 75 fish days are far from uncommon. Both topwater and subsurface action can be extremely productive depending on weather conditions. Typical flies include: the Stealth Bomber, Gamechanger, Bottoms Up, and other assorted poppers and streamers. For steelhead, most anglers will opt to swing subsurface flies such as Intruders or the Burnt Chicken. This can be done with a conventional fly rod, however, a spey or switch rod is recommended. With these two remarkable fishing opportunities, along with a recovering chinook salmon run, R&C Ranch makes for an unparalleled home base to target a wealth of species with a fly rod in hand. Explore R&C Ranch

Wilson River Retreat
Tillamook, Oregon | 3.18 Acres

Nestled amongst the towering Douglas Firs of the Tillamook Forest sits the Wilson River Retreat. With 450 feet of river frontage on the Wilson River, this three-acre getaway provides numerous opportunities at a plethora of species. Currently, the river is fishing well for both sea run and residential cutthroat, along with a summer run of hatchery steelhead. While dry flies may produce some success, this fishery is geared towards a more swing heavy approach. Water levels have been dropping steadily over the past week and are expected to level out around the summer average soon, dictating that fishing success will only improve in the coming weeks. Along with these summer fishing opportunities, the Wilson River offers options for both fall and winter as well. Around October, chinook salmon begin their migration back upstream followed by chum and coho salmon. As December rolls around, these fish have just about completed their journey back to their spawning grounds, and right behind them is a legendary winter steelhead run. Based on the sheer number of migratory fish that use this river, this is a truly year-round fishery, steps from the comfort of this cozy mountain retreat. Explore Wilson River Retreat

Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale in Washington

Sunrise Ranch
Anatone, Washington | 2,685 Acres

Creating Sunrise Ranch’s southern boundary, the Grande Ronde River is a world-class, multi-species fishery. From now through the end of July, the river experiences a prolific stonefly hatch, lending opportunities to chase trophy rainbow trout on large dry flies. From mid-September through November, one of the country’s farthest inland steelhead migrations takes place. These fish are generally targeted by swinging skaters or fishing intruders. While “steelheading” is not a numbers game, the opportunity to land one of these behemoths is an experience that cannot be replicated. Aside from species of the Salmonidae genus, warm water species such as smallmouth bass can be targeted in impressive numbers. The ability to chase so many species from one central location makes this a remarkable property for any serious angler. Explore Sunrise Ranch

Fly Fishing Ranches for Sale in Colorado

Elk Creek Ranch
Meeker, Colorado

With the acquisition of Pollard and Dry Creek Units from the 7 Lakes property in 2021, Elk Creek Ranch has expanded to +/- 25,000 acres, encompassing 30 + miles of private fishing access known by many anglers as the finest dry fly fishing in the country. With 44 fishing beats, guided by top-notch professionals, this is a destination fishery and provides fishing opportunities seen nowhere else in the world. For generations, this property has been managed with the trout fisherman in mind, and the results speak for themselves. Trophy fish can be found in every corner of the ranch, from the slow-moving waters of the upper South Fork to the technical pocket water of Elk Creek itself. Currently, the mayfly and caddis hatches are in full swing with assorted stoneflies getting into the mix as well. However, the true gem of this fisherman’s paradise is the late summer and fall terrestrial fishing, which can be described as nothing short of legendary.

Explore Elk Creek Ranch Lot 63

Explore Elk Creek Ranch Lot 34

Explore Elk Creek Ranch Membership

Recently Sold Fly Fishing Ranches

McKinnis Creek Ranch
Steamboat Springs, Colorado | 55.52 Acres
McKinnis Creek Ranch offers spectacular fishing opportunities in the heart of the vibrant ski town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. With both the Yampa River and meticulously managed fishing ponds on the property, this ranch provides the best of all that the Yampa River Valley has to offer. The Catamount Dam, upstream of the property, makes this a year-round fishery for trophy rainbow and brown trout. The fishing right now is on fire and is expected to stay hot as the runoff tapers off, and we approach summer flows. Yellow Sallies have been abundant, along with darker stoneflies and assorted caddis. Yellow and tan foam has been fishing great so far, and as it gets later in the summer, purple and red will become the colors of choice for those looking for explosive dry fly action. A nine-foot-five weight and a floating line are the ideal combo for this fishery, both in the ponds and on the river. With terrestrials and tricos around the corner, the Yampa is primed for a spectacular summer of fishing. Explore McKinnis Creek Ranch

Dancing Pine Ranch
Steamboat Springs, Colorado | 55.52 Acres

Los Pinos, or “the Pine,” as the locals call it, is the quintessential Colorado tailwater trout fishery. Due to almost the entire river being private, it remains unpressured, relatively unknown, and fishable nearly year-round. While midges remain a constant in this river, its true draw is fishing foam. The swift currents make for opportunistic fish, willing to look up and eat something big. Along with its pocket water, grassy banks in the slower stretches make for fantastic hopper fishing when the time comes. Spring flows are steadily dropping, with fishing conditions looking to improve over the coming weeks. However, typical stimulator patterns are working exceptionally well right now, along with humpies and most wulff patterns. Streamers can also be very effective this time of year due to the deep pools dotted throughout this stretch. Typically, a five-weight rod with a floating line is recommended. However, an intermediate sinking line or sink tip can effectively reach larger fish in the deep pools. The average fish size is around 14 inches, while trophies can be found throughout the river, making this an extraordinary destination. Explore Dancing Pine Ranch

Tarryall Fishing Retreat
Jefferson, Colorado | 240 Acres

The Tarryall Valley boasts some of central Colorado’s most scenic views and productive fisheries. This year, the snowpack in Colorado has been the best in the Rockies, indicating what should be a stellar summer. For the angler who is serious about dry fly fishing on small water, Tarryall Creek Fishing Retreat checks all the boxes and more. Due to some unexpected hot weather in recent days, the area has seen increased flows for most likely the last time this summer. However, with this fishery being a tailwater below the Bayou Salado Reservoir, high flows are not a problem. With 1.7 miles of frontage on both sides of Tarryall Creek, this is a truly private stretch of water to enjoy without any worry of distraction. Right now, the PMD (Pale Morning Dun) hatch is in full swing, and the fishing has been stellar; as the summer progresses, the dry-fly fishing will only get better, with golden stone and yellow sally hatches expected to begin any day. A four- or five-weight rod, a handful of dry flies, and a little bit of sunshine are all it takes to have an extraordinary day on this classic Colorado trout stream. Explore Tarryall Fishing Retreat

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