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The Top Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting Ranches of 2021

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As the temperatures start to drop in the northern states and waterfowl begins the journey south, our Brokers’ attention starts to move towards the properties that load up with ducks and geese. Many of the traits that create agricultural properties, such as water and productive crops, are also the same characteristics that provide habitat for waterfowl and upland birds. Our Ranch Brokers are avid bird hunters and understand the traits necessary to create a property with excellent sporting amenities. This report offers insights into which ranches are ideal for upland bird and waterfowl enthusiasts.

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Top 4 Waterfowl Hunting Ranches for Sale

Golden Eagle Ranch

Iliff, CO | 2,074 Acres | $17,629,000

Golden Eagle Ranch, located on the South Platte River in Illif, Colorado, is a waterfowl hunter’s dream. This ranch controls extensive, senior water rights, which are utilized for production under pivot and flood irrigation via several ditch systems, as well as via two high-volume irrigation wells for flooding wetland complexes during waterfowl season. The result of the extensive water rights is it allows abundant forage and cover for many species of waterfowl passing through. Working in close collaboration with Ducks Unlimited, the current ranch owners have completed extensive habitat improvement projects for the benefit of migratory waterfowl on the land and have protected the ranch by way of a conservation easement in favor of DU for the long-term benefit. A new wetland complex broke ground in Spring 2021, in collaboration with DU, which will further improve the already exceptional waterfowl habitat onsite. The lower South Platte River corridor has historically supported the largest volume of wintering ducks and the highest numbers of ducks harvested in any region in Colorado. In partnership with DU, the Golden Eagle Ranch has strategically created natural waterfowl habitat and refuge areas and focused on effective management and conservation to maintain the high quality of hunting the ranch has enjoyed for over 30 years. The Golden Eagle Ranch will offer the waterfowl enthusiast plenty of opportunity during the season. Click here to learn more.

Ducks and a kid
Dog biting a duck
Hunters with their catch

Dog biting a duck 2

Spring Lakes Ranch

Mineola, TX | 280 Acres | $5,800,000

With two lakes and multiple ponds onsite, Spring Lakes Ranch offers multiple convenient waterfowl hunting opportunities for any game bird enthusiast. Each lake is well wooded, offering good cover for waterfowl who take refuge here. Along with good cover, these lakes provide ample opportunity to feed and a place to rest up before their journey. From the makeshift blind on the larger lake, one can expect to see wigeon, pintail, gadwall, teal, wood ducks, ringnecks and the occasional mallard taking refuge on this property’s many pockets of water. With the right management, these spring-fed ponds could produce high numbers of waterfowl each year. Click here to learn more.

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Texas Ranches for Sale
Texas Ranches for Sale
Texas Ranches for Sale

Texas Ranches for Sale
Texas Ranches for Sale
Texas Ranches for Sale

River Point Ranch

Ashton, ID | 115 Acres | $2,250,000

River Point Ranch, located on the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, offers ample space for waterfowl to take refuge in the wintertime. With direct access to the river from the ranch, one can set decoys up and start hunting in no time. The Henry’s Fork has been known for harboring thousands of mallards at a time in the winter months. Rich nutrients and food made available by the river keep these migrating birds coming back each year. Many different species of waterfowl make their way down the Henry’s Fork throughout the season. It is not uncommon to see many species of ducks, Canada geese, snow geese, swans and sandhill cranes. Click here to learn more.

River Point Ranch 1
River Point Ranch 2
River Point Ranch 3

Tri-Mountain View Ranch

Wamic, OR | 323 Acres | $1,500,000

Located west of the Deschutes River, Tri-Mountain View Ranch offers outstanding waterfowl hunting in one of Oregon’s most beautiful areas. Currently being leased by a hunting and fishing club, this ranch has been managed tediously for the waterfowl experience. With 77 acres of water rights, a six-acre pond and Deschutes River close by, this ranch offers a perfect refuge for waterfowl as they travel south. This property comes equipped with a blind on the six-acre pond, and a pit blind south of the lake offers an excellent position for goose hunting and plenty of room to spread decoys in strategic positions. Large flocks of Great Western Basin honkers spend considerable time in the area feeding on the numerous grain fields. Oregon ranks tenth in the nation for duck harvest and 22nd in the nation for goose harvest. The average breeding population of ducks over the last 27 years is 262,844, with numbers increasing on average over the last decade. The top harvested ducks are mallard, wigeon and green-winged teal. Click here to learn more.

Tri-Mountain View Ranch 1
Tri-Mountain View Ranch 2

Tri-Mountain View Ranch 3
Tri-Mountain View Ranch 4

Top 4 Upland Bird Hunting Ranches for Sale

Solitude Ranch

Devils Tower, WY | 3,495 Acres | $12,300,000

The Black Hills, located in northeastern Wyoming and western South Dakota, lying between the Cheyenne River and Belle Fourche River, brings people from all over the country for its world class Merriam turkey hunting. Solitude Ranch, located on the western side of the Black Hills is no exception. This property has been tediously managed for big game in the fall and turkeys in the spring. Being the mecca for Merriam turkeys, these beautiful mountain gobblers can be found all over the ranch and offer ample opportunities of pursuit in the spring and fall seasons. With such a healthy population of turkey and deer, Solitude Ranch truly is a sportsman’s paradise. Click here to learn more.

Solitude Ranch 1
Solitude Ranch 2

Solitude Ranch 3
Solitude Ranch 4

MM Ranches

Thermopolis, WY | 15,076 Acres | $7,950,000

With over 15,000 acres of deeded, BLM and state lands, MM Ranches has almost endless opportunities for the hardcore upland hunter. The MM Ranches have excellent populations of sage grouse, Hungarian partridge and chukar who find refuge in the rich pastures and deep sagebrush canyons. Often, one will see pheasant in the same areas and in the creek bottom, allowing for a challenging and rewarding hunt. Given the varied terrain, there are plenty of hunts on flat to low-grade contours with the sage grouse and Huns as well as steeper, more demanding canyon walls for the chukar coveys. MM Ranches has all of the elements to produce world-class upland bird hunting. Click here to learn more.

MM Ranches 1
MM Ranches 2

R & C Ranch

Fossil, OR | 5,430 Acres | $7,000,000

R & C Ranch, previously purchased for the specific purpose of upland hunting, offers the upland hunter enthusiast endless opportunity for pursuit. The Wheeler County area, in general, is a blend of high desert landscapes, basalt cliffs, tall timber and agriculture. This creates plenty of habitat for the various populations of birds including grey partridge, California quail, pheasant and chukar. The irrigated fields and river access with great cover and insect life offer the ideal habitat for pheasants. The different partridge enjoy the rolling grass fields, which offer cover and food these birds enjoy. One can witness coveys of California quail snacking on the many blackberry bushes found onsite. Finally, the chukar find their home on the steep and challenging basalt cliffs, making these birds the most sought-after upland species in the area. With this much opportunity for upland hunting, R & C will keep one busy for the full season. Click here to learn more.

R & C Ranch 1
R & C Ranch 2

Sunrise Ranch

Anatone, WA | 2,685 Acres | $6,200,000
With 2,685 acres located along 1.3 miles of the Grande Ronde River, Sunrise Ranch offers an upland enthusiast seemingly endless opportunity throughout the entire upland bird season. Sunrise Ranch is home to grey partridge, pheasant and chukar, as well as some grouse in small numbers, and the topography of this ranch offers the perfect habitat for each of these birds. Pheasant enjoy the agriculture fields rich with nutrients and cover. The steep rocky cliffs offer the ideal home for the ever so elusive chukar. The rolling grass hills are home to multiple different species of partridge and offer plenty of habitat for their healthy population. An upland hunter and bird dog will find themselves occupied throughout the entire upland bird season. Click here to learn more.

Sunrise Ranch 1
Sunrise Ranch 2
Sunrise Ranch 3

Sunrise Ranch 4
Sunrise Ranch 5
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