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    Our Active Conservation Properties

    25 Properties found.
    Sold  Lucas Ranch Ringling, Montana
    $20,000,000 4996 Acres
    Sold  Gunsight Ranch Kelly, Wyoming
    $16,500,000 3267 Acres
    Sold  Lone View Ranch Big Sky, Montana
    $15,900,000 110 Acres
    Sold  Rohrer Ranch Helmville, Montana
    $14,900,000 2631 Acres
    Sold  Split Rock Ranch Lander, Wyoming
    $12,400,000 2506 Acres
    Sold  Solitude Ranch Devils Tower, Wyoming
    $12,300,000 18025 Acres

    Conservation Landowner Insights

    Why We Bought the Dancing Pine Ranch

    As a broker working on some of the finest fishing and hunting ranches in six states for the past 16+ years one of the things I most enjoy learning is how our ...

    Legacy Ranch Restoration: Land Fragmentation and Consolidation in the West

    Thomas Jefferson is responsible for adding 530,000,000 acres to the United States of America in 1803. Much of the land within the Louisiana Purchase, from ...

    Private Fishery Water Rights in Colorado

    At Live Water Properties, one of the topics that most frequently comes up in our discussions with Ranch Sellers and potential Buyers is water rights. The subject ...

    Evaluating a Land Investment

    When considering land for sale in Georgia, many factors are involved in the revenue-generating potential and the resulting value of the land. Experience ...

    Water Rights and Ranch Ownership

    Throughout my 15-year real estate career at Live Water Properties, I have worked to foster lasting relationships with regional experts and professionals who ...

    Personal Experiences in Buying and Selling Ranches

    As a kid growing up in the farming community of Fairfield, Montana, I was always captivated by ranches. We would go up on friends and family ranches, hunting ...

    Not Your Parents’ Portfolio – Value Investors Move to Real Estate

    With the largest ever one-day price drop in the Dow of 1,175 points on February 5th, 2018 and market volatility finally creeping back into the public markets ...

    Introduced Species in Our Pristine Landscapes

    The current threat of parasites affecting whitefish in the Upper Yellowstone River Basin provides an insight of how activity in our pristine areas of the world ...

    Bondurant Family Named Landowner of the Year

    Last week, Wyoming Game and Fish named Tim and Tina Delaney of Bondurant, WY landowner of the year. The esteemed award is given each year to “Wyoming landowners ...

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