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Top Big Game Hunting Ranches of 2023

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Discover this year’s Big Game Hunting Report for an opportunity to engage with our brokers on their insights, revealing the interplay between land, wildlife, and the unique aspect of each hunting ranch. As summer transitions to fall, our focus shifts from the streams to the abundant big-game prospects within the backcountry. With cooler temperatures and shorter days, the allure of venturing through aspen groves in pursuit of elk or seeking the ultimate deer trophy takes precedence. In this report, our seasoned Brokers, motivated by their deep-rooted passion for big game hunting, contribute years of dedicated study and firsthand experience to this pursuit of finding the ideal hunting ranch for sale. Read on to learn about the Game Hunting Ranches of 2023.


Penn Ranch
Durango, Colorado | 343 Acres
Located in GMU 751, the ranch enjoys visits from abundant wildlife. Deer and elk often move throughout the property, and Bighorn sheep can be found higher up on the cliffs. The unit allows for over-the-counter tags during the second and third rifle seasons. Most of the lands in GMU 751 are wintering big game areas, making it great for later-season hunting. For the early season, hunters succeed in the “dark timber” of the north-facing slopes in the spruce/fir and aspen forests. The ranch’s proximity to the 500,000-acre Weminuche Wilderness – the largest wilderness area in Colorado – allows game animals to thrive. Explore the Penn Ranch

Dancing Pine Ranch
Durango, Colorado | 182 Acres
Nestled among tall Ponderosa pines, oak-covered hills, and sweeping meadows highlighted by the Pine River, this all-around sporting ranch blends sophisticated living with a charming Western appeal. The ranch is home to elk and deer, creating excellent hunting opportunities. With abundant game grazing in the meadows and watering in the river, the hunting experience on Dancing Pine Ranch is both exciting and beautifully scenic. Explore Dancing Pine Ranch

J Diamond B Ranch
Lake George, Colorado | 448 Acres
GMU 50 is known for its high-quality elk, mule deer, and pronghorns. The unit comprises significant private land and several state wildlife areas. It serves as wintering grounds for deer and elk, making it ideal for late-season hunting. GMU 50 features aspen stands and dense timber, providing suitable cover for the game. Drawing a license for archery and first and second rifle seasons usually requires 0 to 1 preference points, while third and fourth rifle seasons typically require 1 to 3 preference points. Landowner vouchers can also be pursued; the ranch qualifies and has historically received landowner vouchers. Explore J Diamond B Ranch

Buck Fever Ranch
Norwood, Colorado | 1,384 Acres

Buck Fever Ranch is located in Game Management Unit (GMU) 70, well-known for its big mule deer bucks. This 1,500 square-mile unit borders Utah and runs about 75 miles southeast, rising from less than 5,000 ft. to over 14,000 ft. above sea level. Mule deer and elk thrive in this unit. With an unlimited number of elk tags sold over the counter for the second and third rifle seasons, heavy hunting pressure gives private landowners an advantage. The unit is nearly 70% public and consists of flat farmlands in the valleys and broken country in the transition areas ranging from about 6,000 ft. to 8,500 ft. Steep mountains measure over 8,500 ft. with imposing peaks above timberline ranging from 12,500 ft. to over 14,000 ft. Within view of the ranch is GMU 61, comprised primarily of the western half of the Uncompahgre Plateau. It runs about 70 miles from Gateway near the Utah line to Placerville west of Telluride. The massive 1,376 square mile Uncompahgre Plateau is a flat-top mountain range that varies between 8,300 ft. and 9,200 ft. above sea level and stretches about 90 miles from the northwest to the southeast. The plateau drops into huge, ruggedly steep canyons, overlooking lowlands from 4,500 ft. to 5,500 ft in elevation. This unit consistently yields high success rates for big elk and mule deer. GMU 62 draws great attention because it shares the Uncompahgre Plateau with Unit 61. The Divide Road separates Unit 62 to the northeast and Unit 61 to the southwest. A healthy number of tags can be purchased over the counter (OTC) for elk in Unit 62. Explore Buck Fever Ranch

Seven Springs Ranch
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The Seven Springs Ranch is located in GMU 43 and is known for elk, mule deer, and bears. With BLM flanking the deeded acreage on two sides and the southern boundary leading directly into White River National Forest, the ranch benefits from grand public land surroundings and access. While the elk primarily inhabit the public land in GMU 43, hunting pressure often drives them to the nearby private holdings, where there is much less pressure. The combination of forested areas and lush range lands throughout the ranch creates an excellent spot for mule deer and elk. Gambel oak and other foliage fill large parts of the property, supplying a favorite food source to keep wildlife around. A mix of healthy timber and aspens provides cover. Abundant serviceberries and chokecherry berries bring bears from the surrounding area. There is a hunting access easement through CPW on the property for deer and elk for two tags per species. Explore Seven Springs Ranch


Twin Peaks Guest Ranch
Salmon, Idaho | 677.81 Acres
The Ranch lies within zone 28 of Region 7 of Idaho’s game management unit for elk and deer. These zones are coveted by regional sportsmen who typically experience above-average hunter success rates and the chance to harvest trophy-sized animals due to impressive genetics. A rifle range onsite provides the opportunity and convenience to hone one’s skills before entering the field. The range facilities include a pistol bay, skeet area, and a covered bench area for stable, long-range practice up to 1,000 yards. Explore Twin Peaks Guest Ranch


Henry’s Fork Highlands
Ashton, Idaho | 505 Acres
Henry’s Fork Highlands has all the ingredients to attract and hold big game. The rich meadows, deep canyons, and onsite water resources provide the feed, cover, and water that deer, elk, and black bear need daily. Both deer and elk are readily seen on the property and historically have been selectively hunted on the ranch. In addition to the deeded lands, the National Forest lands adjacent to the north and east provide endless opportunities that can be conveniently accessed from the ranch. Due to the diversity of terrain and the size of the ranch, it is typical for the population of deer and elk to increase as public pressure on the National Forest increases. Located in the Island Park Zone, Henry’s Fork Highlands provides excellent big game hunting opportunities both onsite and on the adjacent federal lands. Explore Henry’s Fork Highlands


Bridger Creek Gem
Bozeman, Montana | 71 Acres

Bridger Creek Gem is located in a wild area with an incredibly diverse list of wildlife.
Elk, deer, black bear, and mountain lion can all be found and hunted in the area’s mountains and forests. Moose, Bighorn sheep, and mountain goats are also found in the area. These animals require a specific tag from Montana FWP to harvest; start applying and building preference points for these tags now. Yellowstone National Park and the Gallatin National Forest are some of the nation’s best places to find protected animals like grizzly bears, lynx, wolverines, and wolves. Explore Bridger Creek Gem

Dog Creek Acreage
Hilger, Montana | 1,078 Acres

Some of Montana’s best big game hunting opportunities are found in the central portion of the state. The mountains and plains comprising the region harbor all of the recognized big game species in Montana, including elk, whitetail mule deer, antelope, black bear, mountain lion, moose, bighorn sheep, and rocky mountain goats. Some of the largest elk herds in the state are found in this region. Mule deer and antelope populations are also found on Dog Creek Acreage in fair numbers. The Swindell portion of the property borders State of Montana land, offering additional hunting options. Explore Dog Creek Acreage

Marias River Ranch
Loma, Montana | 1,798 Acres

The ranch is in region 400, which is managed for trophy quality better than most of the state. This is achieved by closing the season just before the rut. Mule and whitetail deer are constant ranch residents, with pronghorn antelope also commonly seen. Deer numbers and trophy quality are both outstanding. Explore Marias River Ranch

Milk River Farm
Valley County, Montana| 520 Acres

Some of Montana’s best hunting opportunities are found in the state’s northeastern portion. The region harbors big game species, including whitetail, mule deer, antelope, mountain lion, record-class elk, and Bighorn sheep. The Milk River Farm supports a varied wildlife community, including whitetail and mule deer. With water, cover habitat, and abundant feed found on the farm, deer, and upland bird hunting opportunities are excellent. The owner purchased the property principally as a hunting retreat. The right mix of habitat regimes preferred by wildlife has resulted in healthy populations of game animals and birds – particularly pheasants, which are found in strong numbers on the property. Milk River Farms lies in Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Region 6, specifically antelope, deer, and elk Hunting District 630. For 2023, the archery season for all species opens on September 2nd, while the general rifle season for antelope opens on October 7th and October 21st for elk and deer. Explore Milk River Farm

Milk River Farm Deer


R & C Ranch
Fossil, Oregon | 5,430 Acres

The R&C Ranch is home to healthy populations of mule deer, as well as Rocky Mountain elk, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and barbary sheep. The area is known for its heavy-horned mule deer bucks. The resident elk herd is estimated at 600 head and moves between multiple private ranches in the area. The elk hunting season is one of the longest in the state at five weeks and is entirely located in the Biggs Big Game Unit. While landowner preference (LOP) tags are available (five elk and five deer tags), because there is so little public ground in this unit, over-the-counter tags are also plentiful. Pronghorn antelope tags are also available in subunits of the Biggs Unit; however, getting a tag outside the LOP system can take many years. Explore R&C Ranch


Ross Plateau
Jackson Hole, Wyoming | 159 Acres

Set on the eastern flank of Munger Mountain, Ross Plateau sits in prime habitat for elk, mule deer, and black bear. The deeded land and the adjacent public lands are surrounded by National Forest, providing excellent archery and rifle hunting opportunities. During the rut, which generally peaks in mid-September, bull elk can often be heard bugling from the deeded land, and it is not uncommon for these elk to make their way down to feed in the meadows or drink from the pond. Mule deer are also frequent visitors and can be seen throughout the summer and fall on the property. Located in Elk Hunt Area 85 and Deer Hunt Region H, Ross Plateau provides excellent big game hunting opportunities. Explore Ross Plateau

Baker Creek Ranch
Sheridan, Wyoming | 330 Acres

The Sheridan area and the nearby Bighorn National Forest region boasts an abundance of diverse wildlife, enticing hunters and photographers alike to the area. These ancient hunting grounds are comprised of public and private lands, both integral to maintaining the myriad of species for which Wyoming is known, including mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, elk, moose, and black bear. Various bird species, including pheasants, gray partridge, turkey, and sharp-tailed sage and blue grouse, reside here as well. Centered in the region lies the incredible 330-acre Baker Creek Ranch consisting of a natural balance of food, water, and cover to create an ideal habitat or sanctuary, specifically trophy whitetail mule deer and upland game birds. Due to its private but accessible location, breathtaking views of the Bighorn Mountains, and incredible hunting opportunities, Baker Creek Ranch will not remain available much longer. Explore Baker Creek Ranch

North Leigh Creek Ranch
Alta, Wyoming | 80 Acres
North Leigh Creek Ranch is located in an important big game migration corridor. Elk, deer, and bear all use the North Leigh Creek corridor to move from their summer habitat in the adjacent National Forest to their lower elevation winter range. The result of this prime location is a plethora of big game passes through and, in many cases, takes up residency on the deeded lands of North Leigh Creek Ranch. The lands to the North and East of the ranch provide some of the region’s finest elk and deer habitat. Located in Elk Unit 73 and Region H for deer, North Leigh Creek Ranch provides excellent big game hunting opportunities both onsite and on the adjacent federal lands. Explore North Leigh Creek Ranch

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